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Education system has been designed to make you feel dumb88

the present education system has been designed to make you feel dumb and not worthy of same privileges as the few so-called high IQ people, none of the inventions they make by investing the tax money they collect from the low IQ people is used for making the dumb people's life better, the dumb ones have to work hard and in most cases for the high IQ people to achieve the save life style compared to the high IQ people who get to enjoy their life on the taxes collected from dumb people and also get to collect huge profits from the sell of products by labeling their products as luxury and thus charging more taxes!! It has been designed that way, High IQ people use Low IQ people for their own benefit by pretending to doing welfare!! Those who speak this are either labeled as fools, losers, conspiracy theorist or mentally unstable and the exploitation goes one, its a lot easier to scam people than to prove they have been scammed , cause scammer never reveals they scammed, and those who got scammed never realizes it, and even if they realize latter, the scammer makes any good scientific reason that the dumb one's won't understand cause it really doesn't makes sense but since they are made to believe they are not expert, they accept the excuse, and it no longer is treated as scam!!

published by gulshan on 2020-11-09 02:11:20

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