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Rich people have created poverty, Money is a way to manipulate poor people.83

Rich people have created poverty, Money is a way to manipulate poor people. Money is not earned by everyone, Bankers create it, normal people have to earn it!! you need to understand this fact! The ruling class create, circulate and protect the money and prevents anyone else in their rule to circulate their own money!! This is how the country runs!! What do they get by circulating money, you may wonder?? well, they get a fixed supply of minimum of 13% of all the efforts of all the citizen of that country and the user of their currency. They don't have to work in a traditional sense, all they have to do is instill fear among people and make them realize, their life are miserable cause they lack money, so they must work for them to earn money and use that money to buy stuffs from the corporations they own!! Resources are natural , but instead of sharing equally among all the people around the globe, most of the resources are captured and controlled by very few people and they let you use those resources in exchange of the money they have circulated, and how do you get the money, by working for them or by creating goods and selling it to them!! If you are engaged in agriculture, the value of your crops are determined by them, and have to bear all the losses if your crops rot or your plants didn't produce any fruit. But when you buy goods from the corporations owned by those who circulate money, you, the consumer, bear the loss, they increase the price when they suffer any damage!! This is why poor get poorer as they have to bear their own loss and can't set the price for their own products and services, but those who circulate money, get to charge money which you earned by working for them ,gets you charge as much as they want for the services they offer!! That's why they always classify people, ruling class - the one responsible for printing and circulating money, and the working class -those who have to work to get the money printed by the ruling class, and why would the working class earn money, only when they are made to believe only money can solve their problem and are poor without money!! hope , you get the picture am trying to convey!! poverty is created, resources, services and knowledge are not equally distributed for keeping the ruling class life luxurious at the expense of the hard work of working class, if rich were so good at doing thinks, why would they need working people!! And don't say they provide jobs for the betterment of the poor, they need so-called poor people to do their dirty jobs!! Its not a welfare, its exploitation, the moment someone is born, they have to keep paying taxes for the services they rarely receive, they don't even have access to natural resources which nature provides for free! I can go on and on cause I know poverty is manufactured for forcing people to work for the rich!! hope, you will keep a keen eye on everything around us and think why fine and punishment is so quick from the government but help, aid and education is so sluggishly slow!!

published by gulshan on 2020-10-02 04:22:26

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