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OK, challenge accepted78

The last woman - ''Did you hear that men are going to be obsolete because we're making synthetic sperm ........Make a case for men.'' OK, challenge accepted. If you, lady want to eat crab salad you get in your car, drive to the supermarket, buy the provisions, drive back home and cook your meal - simple. Now let's imagine a world without men, you want to cook crab salad, you get in your car except you have no car because generally you don't work in car construction plants, even if you did where are you getting the steel from? The foundry - are you going to start working in a steel foundry? Where are you getting the iron ore from? How many women work in mining? How are you getting the iron ore to the foundry, you're going to have to get a load more female truck drivers. You're also going to need coal - are you going to dig it out the ground yourselves? Let's ignore that for a minute - your car won't start because there is no petrol unless women also start drilling, can't see that happening. We'll ignore that for a minute - where is the road? Who laid the road? How many women do that sort of work? Where are you getting the materials to build the road, we're back to the mining and drilling problem. We'll ignore that for a minute, we'll assume that by some miracle that you have a car with petrol and a road to drive along, when you get to the supermarket you find there is no crab, why is that? Well, we've all seen 'Deadliest Catch', we all know how difficult, dangerous and uncomfortable crab fishing is, how many women are employed doing that? How many would have the physical strength to do it? How many would even want to? Even ignoring that for a minute where are you getting your boat from? Assuming that some of your sisters are now running the foundry to supply the steel how many of them are going to operate the machinery to build a boat, how many female welders are out there? We'll ignore these minor problems just for the sake of argument. Let's say that yes, you manage to buy your crab and you drive home. When I say home you have to wonder how your house got built in the first place. Are we having women taking over construction? How many sisters are going to become bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers? Are you ladies going to be installing all the drainage? Without the work currently mainly undertaken by men you would have no home. We'll ignore this minor inconvenience just for a minute. You now want to cook your crab, simple enough task, just put it in a pan of water and turn on the gas and hey-presto, one cooked crab. That assumes that you have both gas and water, how many women work in the gas industry or the water supply industry at a hands-on level. You can count them on all the fingers of one foot. Yes, it is theoretically possible for women to do all of these tasks, the real question is - would you actually want to or would you rather leave the men to do this sort of work. If you are going to say that women would cope, fine, all I would suggest is that next time your drain backs up, rather than asking a man to clear it you get the drain rods out and do it yourself. Us men would be more than happy to watch. Alternatively, I as a man would be only too happy to cook you a crab salad and serve it up for you when you get home from a 10 hour shift in a coal mine, steel foundry, laying drains, building roads, laying bricks or fishing for crab.

published by gulshan on 2020-08-16 03:06:02

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