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only those politicians who don't have their own mafia get abused77

are you honest?? how many people have you helped since you were born?? don't you compete?? I bet you have made fun of a lot of people and moved ahead in life without even caring about those who lost, be it education, food, shelter, land, medicine. why is it only politicians fault?? unfortunately, nature has made this way, strong abuse, weak gets abused!! the politician in the video was weak compared to the crowd around him so he got dumped!! we live in a world where the already present ones have claimed everything and newborns have to abide by their rules , those who don't get punishment, those who obey their rules gets to work for them!! no matter which form of government they say it is, its always bureaucracy!! There institutions like Army(many sub divisions), Armed Police, general Police which include strong people who control the entire nations, politicians are just their puppet unless the politician runs his own mafia, no matter what they say, their only goal is to keep the people working for money created by Bankers, as long as their are enough people working for the money, all these people keep getting their salary and don't have to work in the fields to grow their own food!! so these agencies keep the country under their control at any cost, cause if the system collapses, they have to work in fields or do other jobs to live a life that won't provide such facilities!! however, even though these agencies are the strongest in their particular country, some other secret agencies exist which aim at over throwing these agencies giving rise to violence!! however, no matter who came into power, or what type of government it is, the system remains the same for general public, have to abide by the rules these bureaus create!! my point is, only those politicians who don't have their own mafia get abused like this or may be this is just a stunt played to keep others in fear!!

published by gulshan on 2020-08-06 02:41:18

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