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We merely transform stuffs from one form to another76

you just made that up to void the above statement, no body is scared of becoming a billionaire!! Its a different matter, most of us won't even try to become a billionaire cause you have to dominate, exploit and may be even kill others to be a billionaire, its a tough job which won't even make you satisfied, it would be great and exciting if you suddenly became a billionaire but no body becomes billionaire all of sudden, you have to compete and hustle day and night losing you peace of mind and happiness!! Also, only those who stay focused on their goal achieve success, and those kind of people never help others cause helping others wastes their time and it won't help them succeed, helping is not a thing when you are in a competition. you need to take more to become a billionaire, the more you take, the more you deprive others of what they need which is basically exploitation!! nothing can be created by us, we merely transform stuffs from one form to another. If we become active in transforming more and more , and sell the transformed product, we become billionaire and in that process, we deprive others of what they need claiming they lack skill so they don't deserve it!! Its a bitter reality, for you to succeed in the outer world, others must lose to you!! For you to succeed in your own mind and body, no one else has to lose to you!! so better focus on making yourself better than becoming a billionaire!!

published by gulshan on 2020-08-03 05:37:09

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