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those who take more become Billionaires and Millionaires!! 73

Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 21 hours ago @Creative Beatdown if he were Billionaires, then he would!! Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 21 hours ago those who take more become Billionaires and Millionaires!! giving more has never made anyone billionaire!! Creative Beatdown Creative Beatdown 21 hours ago @Gulshan Chaurasia Nope. Donate to your church, or organization. We all want to blame smart and intelligent men for being able to make money and now we just want to take it like it's mandatory but someone who screws up their own life and makes nowhere near as much is free from those expectations. It's silly. If I were rich I would help particular homeless men but it would not be an obligation for me as it is not now unless that may be a principle bound by religion or whatnot Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 21 hours ago @Creative Beatdown its not about giving away your money, its about not taking more than what you need while others are starving!! those who take much more than what they need become millionaires and billionaires!! for example, if a city happens to have 500000 people with 5000 apple trees and some 1000 people worked day and night to pluck most of the apples and kept all for themselves , while rest of the people have to fight for getting whatever was left on the tree, no matter how much they worked hard, most of them would have to go hungry!! this is the situation of the world right now, few top level people work day harder to hoard most of the resources like farm land, forest, animals, mineral, petroleum and rest don't get their fair share and get blamed for being lazy!! only greedy people become millionaires and billionaires cause they take much more than what they need!! Creative Beatdown Creative Beatdown 21 hours ago @Gulshan Chaurasia So why don't you become a billionaire and help some starving bois? Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 20 hours ago @Creative Beatdown you are telling me to fight all the hoarder and be a robin-hood!! unless people stop taking everything for themselves, I can't do it, not everyone is born to be Einstein, just because he formulated atom bomb and dropped it on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, I also need to build a bomb and drop it to prove my capability!! violence never solves violence, like wise me trying to be a billionaire will create a lot more problem that already exists! its same like a bully dares someone to be like him!! being a billionaire will only create problem , also knowing the problem and having the ability to solve the problem is totally different, they have killer in the form of Army and Mercenaries who wipe out opponent to stay millionaires and billionaires!! all I can do is make people aware of what is the cause of problem right now, if I happen to the skilled one, I will do it, history has it, some people out of nothing did a lot for humanity!! may be I will and at least am speaking the problems that exist in our society instead of blaming the unfortunate ones!! Creative Beatdown Creative Beatdown 20 hours ago @Gulshan Chaurasia Everything you just said was irrelevant completely to the subject. I'm not a millionaire but I also see why you will never be. You sound like you have a lot of energy. How about you go buy a cheap ticket to Nigeria and go give your time to some children who's barely eating since you apparently possess an abundance of time Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 20 hours ago @Creative Beatdown I am never going to be and its a good thing cause only scammers become filthy rich, and am never going to scam!! and hope you will never be a millionaire , but be generous and open minded to admit one should never take more than what they need!! no matter how much you try to blame me, I know I have not created the poverty but millionaires and billionaires have!! they have created terrorist and funded war to force people into poverty so instead of trying to silence me , go what ever help you can do and be on the right path of taking only what you need!! Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 20 hours ago @Creative Beatdown you do know we have technology for growing crops without much effort, they prepare field using machines, they grow using machine, they harvest using machines but yet don't want to feed poor, food cloth and shelter must be a human right by birth, not something you have to earn,If people have their belly full , only then they can focus on other aspects of life but the system is completely contrary , I saw a video were lots of potatoes(multi thousand tons) were dumped in the hole cause they couldn't sell it!! The idea that people need to earn and compete for food in this modern world is absurd, people need to compete for improvising themselves , not for survival!! competing in sports, at work, at education, at ethics should be mandatory but competing for food in 21st century where we have so much food and technology is absurd!! Creative Beatdown Creative Beatdown 20 hours ago @Gulshan Chaurasia You fool don't you understand in order to have a business you must create positions for people to fill which means more available jobs for people. If the heads of a company like Walmart decided to shut it down for whatever reason everyone under them would lose their jobs. What's wrong with you? People like you have powerful technology in your hand to understand how the world around you works yet you can't even capitalize the first letters in your sentence. Get a realistic grip on life you commy. Gulshan Chaurasia Gulshan Chaurasia 20 hours ago @Creative Beatdown scientist have proven someone who can't present logic start correcting grammar , what realistic , that someone who refuses to admit problem in the system calls me fool, one who has no idea how advanced we have become in terms of growing food says me to get grip of life!! just do some research and you will know poverty is created to get labor ready to work at minimum wage not even enough for feeding their family!! if we had no technology, I would be wrong, but reality is different! you are thinking in terms of medieval era!! 1 Lukin OG Highlighted reply Lukin OG 1 hour ago Gulshan Chaurasia You’re absolutely correct, being nice never made anyone a millionaire/billionaire neither. It’s sad, but it is no doubt the truth. 2 primepants primepants 30 minutes ago Creative Beatdown I help out for sure, we don’t have a lot of homeless where I am from. None.. there is only 750 house it’s a small village. I visited a city with my family went for lunch and noticed a homeless man, I also bought him his lunch. Lady the other day 70 year old, she forgot her purse at the supermarket I paid for her shopping. I’m not rich but I try and help. If I was rich I would help much more. Hopefully you help also.

published by gulshan on 2020-07-29 12:20:04

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