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they just sell you degrees to waste your time and make you pay money for teaching yourself67

they just sell you degrees to waste your time and make you pay money for teaching yourself, they never teach you and say 'we are here just to guide you , you have to learn own your own', you need degrees to get a job, but it won't guarantee that you will get a job, its just a way for rulers to force you to obey them and abide by their rules, its an strategy to make you their slaves, its just a one way system, where you must have it even if you are skilled enough but still won't guarantee job!! but if you have skills obtained by learning from other sources without attending their college, they won't give you a job cause you don't have a degree!! what's the point of it, why ask for degree if it doesn't guarantee anything, why not let student study on their own and apply for a job without any degree if they are going to have their own tests and reject you if you are not upto their standards!! Its just a burden and a trap as if forces you to bow down to them if want to work!! also, since you have spent 25-30 years of your life to get a degree, you have invested most of your childhood and youth life in getting the degree, you have sacrificed so much , but are simply tossed out as if you have no value!! the system is rubbish, it shouldn't be like, you don't have the qualification for our job so get lost, it should be more like you don't have qualification for our job but we are going to get you a job thats going help you master your skills or we know some other company that is suited for your skills!!

published by gulshan on 2020-07-18 08:29:40

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