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As a glass wearer, let me point out what's wrong with wearing glasses!!66

as a glass wearer, Let me point out what's wrong: 1.Its a burden, you feel the weight all the time 2.when you wear a mask, you have a blurred vision due to vapour 3.when it gets broken, you are virtually blind 4.If someone happens to pick up fight with you, you have a chance of getting punched straight on the glass, the broken glass will permanently damage your eyes!! 5.During hot times, it really feels uncomfortable. 6.Your viewport is reduced and limited by the size of the glass!! 7.You need to keep wipping it to get a clear vision, yet it is not as good as what you would have without glasses 8.Its increase your expenditure since you need to keep renewing it and visit the doctor for eye checkups!!

published by gulshan on 2020-07-07 06:13:50

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