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There's very vast gap in the living standards of people65

These incidences take place cause there's very vast gap in the living standards of people, some have much more than what they actually need, while many don't even have enough!! now , some will say they did hard work to attain those wealth, but the real question is, why should someone work hard to hoard wealth and acquire land much more than what he needs while others are left with literally nothing?? people need to understand wealth and resources of the planet are limited and if few people are busy in hoarding much more than what they need even if they are skillful and talented, rest will be left with nothing!! and the greater the gap , the more desperate will some people become!!! after all its all about survival at the end for those who don't have, its a choice of dying in poverty or die trying to uplift life by looting!! cause they don't have other skills and no one seems to be interested in teaching them any ways, instead are ignored and blamed for not having skills and are left to die!! but some refuse to die and become criminals!! Its all about trying to maintain a wealthy lifestyle!!! unfortunately, most working people can't afford luxury but looters ,scammers and thugs can!!

published by gulshan on 2020-07-01 03:21:03

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