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Blaming someone's mental health for their misconduct 64

Blaming someone's mental health for their misconduct is the excuse people have created to deny our society is no longer a society!! Its an individualistic life style where those who are clever enough to take more survive while those still growing end up getting scammed!! No body helps you when you are still growing but suddenly expects you to act matured according to their rules!! If you fail to obey rules which you were never informed about, you are robbed of whatever little you make for survival and thrown into prison!! Only children who have been given proper love and care when they were young will grow up to be a law abiding citizen , else they end up being rebellion who refuse to fit in!! so instead of funding wars, start funding the Education system, make it less competitive and assure kids no matter how slow they progress, as long as they progress and keep giving all they have got , they won't be left behind!!

published by gulshan on 2020-07-01 08:53:40

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