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for those who claim , he doesn't work for food50

for those who claim , he doesn't work for food, read this: you mean to say the one eating the food are honest people who never scammed to be in their position while the one on street is a lazy man who didn't compete for resource!! you brainwashed heartless idiot, people have claimed every inch of land either for personal lavish lifestyle or for some Reserved Park and many people can't use the resource cause they are beaten up and jailed for using resources from forest, river , seas all in the name of license!! why do we need to work just for food?? nature provides everything for free, we only need to work for additional facilities like Medicine,Utensils,Furniture,Internet,Space Exploration,Transportation and all other man made things but Food, water and air are basic need and must be a right for everyone, one can work only if he has food , not the other way round!! If you don't get this, you are the problem!!

published by gulshan on 2020-05-23 01:46:19

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