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My Life , My Rules49

no one cares about others in this world!!! this is a sick world we live in where everything has been sexualized!!! What' the standard definition of RAPE??? When a male inserts penis in female forcibly , its considered rape!!! But when the girl has been brainwashed into believing her body is meant for sell and its okay for her to let multiple male insert penis into her vagina , its not considered RAPE!!! Fact is , no one cares about what's right or wrong , its only about Money!! Anything and everything that generates money can be taxed and is made legal as its guaranteed minimum of 13% and sometimes upto 120% can be taxed which lets the people in government live luxurious life while anything that doesn't generate money is defamed and even made illegal by the government!! If males and females believed in loving a single partner and being partner for life, they would not generate enough money for the government. Also, for most case, males would not have to work hard to earn money for glamourous life they want to live to score females!!! this is today's reality!! But ultimately as people say "My Life , My Rules" when spending their hard earned money , they forget "You are free to make your own choices , but never free from the consequences of your choices" one of them is he more you earn , the more you pay in taxes and they more stronger the government gets and the stricter the rules are enforced which is totally opposite of their moto "My Life , My Rules"!!!

published by gulshan on 2020-05-20 02:34:47

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