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your need depends on how much money you have44

your need depends on how much money you have:If you make above 1crore, you need private jet, If you make above Rs100,000/month you need private vehicle(car) if you make around Rs 100,000/month , you need Airplane to travel, if you make around 40-50thousand, you need AC bus ticket, if you make around below 40 thousand, you need normal bus, and if you don't make enough money , you only need 11 number ki gadi!!! so, in reality, we don't need anything except food , air and water!! Same logic applies in every field!! thus, Doctors, Engineers , Scientists are just facilities not the need!! No body needs them, its like mobile phone, no body needed them 15-20 years ago,but they say , its their need, but in reality , its just a facility, if some how , government decides to ban mobile and stop manufacturing, they won't need it again!! lol, same goes for Doctors, Engineers and Scientist!!

published by gulshan on 2020-05-15 09:40:56

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