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If you are not willing to give up your addiction , why do you expect others to give up theirs??32

Samantha Gabbidon , those are just beautiful lines meant to console people. In reality its always crooked ones who win in the war cause they don't care!! no one remembers who invented needle used for sewing clothes but everyone admire the creator of atom bomb. Those people who love destruction are in the politics whether be is America or any other country. They promote hate and competition. School are meant to brainwash us into believing survival of the fittest,competition,bullying. Are you willing to stop eating meat so the animals can live their life provide you with other kind of service as dogs do?? no cause you need your so called nutrition which you already get from plants. Majority of our diet is plant-based yet you think meat gives you vital nutrients but they actually come from plant. My point is, if you are not willing to give up your addiction and follow what you had been taught since childhood and defend it without even questioning and researching for it, why do you expect others to give up their addition for violence?? Those are the people who believe in domin

published by gulshan on 2020-01-01 03:33:11

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