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How to create snap for Java Application17

Assuming you have created SnakeOnTheChase Application and exported it as runnable Jar SnakeOnTheChase.jar, follow these steps to create snap using snapcraft in terminal: step 1: enter the directory where required snap is to be created step 2: run snapcraft init it will create snapcraft.yaml file in folder snap step 3: create jar folder to place jar files step 4: create bin folder to place script file containing commands to run, in this case SnakeOnTheChase step 5: modify snapcraft.init to contain as it is in this case making required changes step 6: run snapcraft --debug if there is no error it will create required .snap file else correct the error once created you can test the snap by installing it locally by running sudo snap install snake-on-the-chase_1.0_amd64.snap --devmode --dangerous now if installed successfully , run by typing in the terminal snake-on-the-chase if running: snapcraft --debug ,shows error like this: An error occurred with the instance when trying to start with 'multipass': returned exit code 2. then to correct it run: snapcraft clean it will clean the previously created snap and restart the fresh build!!

published by gulshan on 2019-12-01 05:30:21

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