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Using GIMP To Reduce PNG File Size14

To get started, simply open up your image with GIMP and go to Image > Mode and select Index. This will bring up the Indexed Color Conversion menu. By default, “Generate optimum palette” will be selected and the maximum number of colors will be 255. Leave those values just as they are (or set those values if GIMP didn’t default to them) and click Convert. Now, go ahead and export your image as a PNG file. Now, you’ll be prompted with the following export menu… Open up the Advanced column and make sure you have unchecked absolutely everything listed in the entire menu. These are useless information that take up disk space and make image file large. Thumbnail or timestamp data is automatically captured by your operating system anyway. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and click Export. PNG file size is finally reduced.

published by gulshan on 2019-11-29 07:43:14

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