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Labelling victim as mentally ill and delusional13

This would is full of people who believe in "Survival of the fittest" and "Natural Selection", who have no regards for other lives, be it human or animals. Its not hard to imagine we are living among potential and real killers around us!! There are plenty of educated and highly social people who have committed crime, so we need to be cautious and stop living a lie that we are in 21st century so nothing wrong will happen to us!! Regarding this case: What hearing voices?? Why is it hard for people like you to digest some criminal had come to rob her and upon hearing her calling the police, ran away?? obviously, they won't be waiting for police to arrive and catch them. Not every time , police can find evidence. Also, she is not having animated talk, she is talking to her dog, everyone does that, at least , every pet owner should know that!! Criminals work in packs(gangs ,mostly as friendly neighbors), they first disturb their targeted victim only when there's no one around and make them mentally disturbed to the point that others think they are delusional , once no one believe the victim, they make their real move killing or kidnapping them!! Its common in every disappearance and rape case, where, victim is labelled with some sort of mental disorder!! so help people around you, but keep yourself safe first and never tease those who have been labelled to have mental disorder!! also , notice the User Name of the people commenting here "she was mentally ill", all are fake while those sympathizing for her and considering other possibilities have real names!! don't get misled by gangs working to prove their victim was delusional and mentally ill!! We live in a world were every little thing is called disorder Victims are labelled to have this disorder, that disorder while possibility of criminals harassing them is ruled out!!

published by gulshan on 2019-11-28 06:12:37

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