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start adb in tcpip mode without usb cable40

you either need to have a device connected or an running emulator for using following command: adb tcpip 5555 what if you don't have usb cable for some reason? what to do? here's a solution. If you run an android emulator, above command will work but draw back is , it take too much time (few minutes to be specific). So what's the fastest solution, Well, install AnBox. Its also an emulator which opens much faster, within few seconds. now, you can run above command: adb tcpip 5555 to start adb in tcpip mode use below command to connect to your android phone over wifi adb connect :5555 if you want to control it over wifi from laptop use scrcpy scrcpy -s :5555

published by gulshan on 2020-04-19 02:56:53

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