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They are paid by government to spread propaganda34

stop responding to paid agents. They are paid by government to spread propaganda, to falsify real incidences based on fact by labeling them as Conspiracy Theory!! Once labelled Conspiracy theory, no one believes it any longer. I have never met a person in real life claiming Earth is flat!! Its their paid agent who are spreading Flat Earth Society bullshit to divert from real facts!! They spread idiotic theories and when someone comes with real theories which verify government is full of corrupts, those people are ridiculed online and in real life by paid goons and proven psycho, Conspiracy Theorist and Flat Earthers!! bertjesklotepino , sad but true , Soldiers are also a terrorist, Warrior of one is a Terrorist for others, As long as people keep falling for the propaganda for violence and liberation, it will keep happening!! that's why we need to promote peace!! But remember one fact, no matter how hard a sheep tries , its ultimately eaten by Lions cause sheep can't hurt lion, However, Lions are afraid of buffaloes cause they attack and sometimes even kill Lions!! My point is, train yourself , protect yourself and your family, and stay out of political bullshits cause those who fell for the propaganda are the ones who believe in violence (either DEFENSIVE like Army,Police or OFFENSIVE like terrorist,criminals) and those are the once who mostly die. Your lifestyle determines your death style. I learnt it the hard way, those who believe in violence can not be talked out of it!! Have you ever tried talking someone out to give up meat so that the poor animal can live their life? they won't cause they can easily kill egg or chicken or buffalo and know now one can stop them!! those who can't defend themselves don't live, they just survive as long as the threat wants them to live. sadly, this is the way of life!! survival of the fittest!! rushfan9thcmd , then, what can we do, what has the struggle against government actually yielded?? misery and violence, only way to fight government is not fight it and stop being extravagant cause less expenditure means less taxes and thus weaker government. Live your life peacefully!! but again its not possible cause there are hunters in the society who prey on others hard work either as scammers, bullies or criminals!! Everyone is here to take from you , no one care to give, They don't care if you are starving but demand tax once you earn something!! Its a cause and effect cycle and you never know problem was deliberately started for political benefits or was simply an accident and if it was deliberately started, who did it!! by the time you realize, its already forgotten!! unless people learn to care and help instead of punishing and bullying it won't change!! and again those who have already tasted blood won't ever give up!! the media is part of government, don't mistake it to be a separate body, its a large scale scam pulled over people, they keep you confused and under fear so that you will eventually stop thinking and pay them taxes!! Its only about circulation of money!! however, these are NEGATIVE perspective of life which will only bring misery to your life as you will feel helpless, so better learn to appreciate the presence of government cause at least you can roam freely now, by freely I mean, its less likely for us to be killed now in the presence of the government than when there were no government!! we never know who was actually corrupt or who was setup by corrupt officials so never resort to violence or mob lynching!! ultimately, legal way seems to be the most humane way but some police and people are too trigger happy!! they think guns and weapons are solution to every problem which is unethical and uncultured!! most often non-violent(innocent) are shot by violent ones(cruel bullies)!! thus, we should preach non-violence, that's the only step we can take to fight corruption and violence!!

published by gulshan on 2020-01-09 04:03:48

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